List love- Andy (surprise, I have a male reader!)

September 18, 2008

Hello chums and happy Gosh-darnit-I’m-going-to-make-it-through-this-week-if-it- kills-me-day. Yeah, it’s been kind of a crappy week in you are my fave land for no particular reason but I’m just in the mood where if someone forwarded me and email with a cat hanging off of a branch saying, “Hang in there,” I would swiftly pull our my ninja moves on the sender.

Nothing can cheer me up quicker then a good list. And this one is extra special. Not only does it have funny commentary, it’s the first list from a guy! You may be surprised to hear that I have not just one, but two male readers. Both are related to me but I still count them. So there’s your proof world, this is not a sexist blog. All our welcome. Okay, my endless babble is ending now.

Andy’s Fave List:

#1 Jonathan Coulton – This guy rocks in so many ways. The best way to impress this readership, though, is to simply say that he has a tribute song to Ikea. Hello . . .

#2 Root beer in a glass bottle. Mmmm . . .IBC, Henry Weinhardt, some-random-brand-from-Jerry’s-supermarket. I’m thirsty.

#3 Procrastination. I was going to write something about this, but I’ll do it later.

#4 Scrubs. I’m actually watching episode #76 as I write this. Not my favorite episode, but it did have a solid guest star appearance by Tom Cavanagh, the star of one of my other favorite TV shows, Ed.

#5 Triathlon gear. OK, so I’ve only completed one VERY short sprint triathlon. That doesn’t stop me from keeping a Gear West catalog by my bed and checking out all the $2500 bikes I can’t afford.

#6 This Week in Tech. Although it might get displaced soon by The Dave Ramsey Show (I can’t quite explain my fascination with this one), TWiT is the most popular podcast on my iPod for over 2 years now. I am SUCH a geek.

#7 Snickers ice cream bars. Oh man, they sell these in the vending machines at work and they will be the death of me yet. AWESOME.

#8 The Best Buy circular. The first (and sometimes only) section of the Sunday paper that I read every week. Camcorders I don’t need, ridiculous TVs, computers I can’t afford . . . What’s not to love???

#9 Strongbad – I’m still lovin’ on this guy, years after my hip sister-in-law introduced me to him. She’s undoubtedly moved on to newer and cooler entertainment, but when I find something this funny, I stick with it. Strongbad email #200 is just around the corner. (editor’s note: ARROWED!)

#10 Eddie Bauer T-shirts. OK, so this is clearly the most Metrosexual item on the list, but I gotta tell you, these are the softest, most comfortable apparel known to man. I don’t know how Eddie does it, but his t-shirts are heavy cotton heaven. Double-stitched, super-soft, pre-washed, no tag on the neck. I become one with the shirt as soon as I put it on.

So that’s the official list. Or, at least, the first one. The next one will likely include Aaron Sorkin; Jeffrey Holland, Jeremy Spivey’s BBQ, Rock Band, DDR, giving my wife the perfect surprise present (oh, wait, I think my wife snuck that in there), and word puzzles.

Thanks Andy. This list is the cream of the crop.

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