My thoughts during Project Runway this week

September 19, 2008
What the?! Is that a birds nest on your head? Sorry Jerrell, the idea worked for a Olympic venue but not for a hat.

“See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile, such a pretty me!”

Uh-oh, they’re kind of spending a lot of time focusing on Joe tonight. And that totally touching moment where he’s talking to his daughter on the phone? He’s a goner.

It seems as if Suede has raided Paula Abdul’s closet, from 1992.

“Oh look. I’ve created a mini-me. It’s absolutely perfect because I’m absolutely perfect. How could Time Gunn ever criticize me. What does he know? I’m so awesome. LOVE ME FOOLS!!”

Okay, did we ever figure out what was on top of Jerrel’s head?



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