Mr Buster is my fave

October 31, 2008

My sister just sent me this photo of my nephew. We like to call him Mr Buster. I’m pretty lucky.

Happy Halloween!

Top five treats to get in your bag:
1. Peanut Butter M&Ms
2. Junior Mints
3. Full-sized anything
4. Twix
5. Swedish Fish

Top five worst treats to get in your bag:
1. Necco wafers/Smarties
2. Tootsie Rolls 
3. Good ‘N Plentys
4. Dum Dums/random hard candy
5. Raisins
*Bonus – toothbrushes or pamphlets

(polaroid by me)

Liz Lemon is my fave

October 30, 2008

Please don’t call me tonight. I have important plans that can’t stand to be interrupted. I’m talking to you Barack Obama recorded message.

Inspiration boards are my fave

Don’t forget to send your inspiration boards to me by the end of next week for your chance to win a very special surprise. Fact is, I’ve only gotten a few entries (which are fantastic!) so there’s actually a good chance that you could win. Statistically speaking.

(images top to bottom – Simply Photo’s photostream; Drew Barrymore’s office from Domino; Simple Lovely; from Vogue Living via Brown Button; Marta writes; Inspiration Boards blog; Apartment Therapy)

Spotted and Hearted

October 29, 2008

Rain boots print spotted on Abby Try Again

La bicicletta shoulder bag spotted on Etsy (I need this!)

Butter It’s Not spotted at King Soopers (our local grocery store) – just because I think that is the best/worst name for a product ever and it made me laugh out loud in the dairy section

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