The most exciting moment of our week (Guest Blogger Ryan- the husband)

October 20, 2008

(Us attempting our model faces but I cracked. Typical. )

Editor’s note: I know my husband is kind of a guest blogger cop-out but when this event occurred last week he requested that he write about it on my blog because he wanted to make sure the story was told right. And a little preface to this story – I’ve always believed I’m slightly psychic. I used to get “feelings” when something big was going to happen. Like the semester I met and started dating Ryan I had a feeling that I announced to my roommates. And boy, was I right. This story also proves this theory. It kind of blows my mind. 

Have you ever noticed how some people look like their first name? Or vice versa. It is weird meeting an eighty-old woman named Britney. When we encounter someone new, we like to play the game where we guess what his or her first name would be.

Pretty much every week we go to the best frozen custard place and the couple that owns it is always there, serving the goodness. I always order frozen custard with gummy bears. We had never been formally introduced to the owners and so we didn’t know their names.

They are middle-aged, both graying. Surprisingly healthy looking considering they own a frozen custard shop, indicating a propensity for restraint. He wears 1950’s style jeans and thick-frame glasses. She looks earthy, semi-granola. We knew they are dog owners. She has political shows on while at the shop; but when he gets there he switches it to baseball. We guessed that their names were Steve and Anna.

Mel had been bugging me to ask them what their names were so we could find out whether our guess was right. They are easy to talk to, but I could never twist the conversation to what their names were. Last night, however, when she was ringing us up—I asked her.

“I’m Anna and my husband’s name is Steve.”

I knew if I looked at Mel she would laugh. I did any way and sure enough she laughed. The frozen custard shop owner was appropriately confused. Sometimes Mel is unable to control her laughter. This is one of the things I love about her but it has made for some awkward situations.



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