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October 27, 2008
Oh me, oh my. I’m so excited to share this post with you today. It’s only 8 days until we’ll be waiting our turn to enter a cramped booth covered with a cheap plastic patriotic curtain. I love America. Here are my ideas to celebrate that special Tuesday. 


Create your own ballot invites. This is a really rough draft but you get the drift.

To make them more snazzy package them in a small cardboard box with a slit across the top so it looks like a ballot box. Fill with red and blue M&Ms creating a little something like the above picture.

(image from Oh Happy Day!)

If you don’t have time to do the whole DIY thing, send evites.


Candidate pumpkins fit in with the season nicely. Get all of the carving templates here.

Type in your own catch phrase to this Obama poster and then print it on out and pin to your walls. There’s lots of neat Obama printable posters at Design for Obama too (sorry McCain, artists must not like you as much).

Don’t forget Martha and her 4th of July crafts.

And never underestimate the party staple, balloons.



Cook up a big pot of All American Chili and have lots of bowls of fixins for people to individualize their bowl.

Make sugar cookies in the shapes of a donkeys, elephants, stars, flags, or some of the 50 states. Or make cupcakes with little flags that read – I Voted, Obama & Biden, or McCain & Palin.

Buy animal cookie cutters here.
Buy amazing patriotic cookie cutters here (including all 50 states and famous president’s silhouttes).

(above images from Eleni’s Bakery and Oh Happy Day!)


Get name tags and have everybody go by the name of a president the entire night.

Go dumpster dive at a local appliance store and get a couple of refrigerator boxes. Turn them upside down and use them as podiums for a mock debate. Choose a moderator to ask questions about the important issues such as – What type of cold cereal is the best? What Tom Cruise movie is the most embarrassing? How will you stop the disturbing trend of wearing a flipped up collar? Have the other party goers pick the winner.

Have everyone create their own presidential silhoutte then have them write their campaign slogan underneath it. There are some DIY details over at Brooklyn Bride.

Get a large map of the US and ceremoniously fill fill it in with blue or red marker when the results pop up.

Watch all of the funniest SNL political sketches coutesy of Hulu. Don’t miss the ones with Tina Fey.

(image from here)


Make mini apple pies and decorate the bag with an “I Voted” sticker.

(pie image)



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