Friday Love

November 28, 2008

I had to spotlight Angela today because she’s getting married in one week! I wanted to make sure and send her my best wishes. Angela is a beautiful (as you can see by the picture) ballet teacher from Columbia. She credits her profession in her response to, “What is one thing you love about yourself?”

“I´m a very happy person, I always smile, I think is because I work with children every day.”

I think the world needs a little more Angelas around. The best of luck with the upcoming wedding. Have a beautiful day.

The best thing about the day after Thanksgiving

Turkey, cranberry and cream cheese sandwiches.

Spotted and Hearted

November 26, 2008

Model Natalia Vodianova and her son Viktor spotted in Vogue
(the whole photoshoot is fantastic)

Perfect DIY centerpieces spotted on Snippet and Ink

Pretty scarves spotted on Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle

An Etsy shop of perfect vintage boots spotted on For Me, For You

Bright winter coats spotted on the Sartorialist

A wedding with gobs of paper cranes spotted on Oh Joy

A lovely blog of photo trifectas spotted in this blog’s comments section

Feeling inspired by love

November 25, 2008

I’ve just seen my new niece for the first time and Mr. Buster. Forgive me for feeling a little overjoyed in the love department today.

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Random recommendation

Before So You Think You Can Dance there was Sarah Jessica Parker with bushy eyebrows and neon leotards. I highly recommend this flick.

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