You Are My Fave’s guide to getting on the cover of Domino

November 4, 2008

1. Have long hair and be extremely attractive so that every woman who reads the magazine wants to be you.
2. Be between the ages of 30-40 and have at least one small child. Bonus if the child is under the age of 2.
3. That child must be named Luca, Sophie, Lola, Matilda or something similar. You are automatically disqualified if your child is named something boring like John.
4. You must own a large apartment in Greenwich Village or Brooklyn. Southern California is acceptable if you’ve already met the previous 3 qualifications.
5. Your apartment must be perfectly decorated in a modern/hipster/no-country-kitchenish type of way.
6. You must own one designer piece of furniture. Preferably an Eames chair.
7. You have to have a cool job. Examples: magazine editor, stylist, interior designer, actress, model turned activist, photographer.
8. When asked about your style, you must simply say, “It just came together so easily. Over the years I gathered things from my travels. I guess I’m just naturally stylish.”

Domino, I love you, even though I’ll never get on your cover.



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