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November 7, 2008

Today I’m happy to introduce a new weekly segment (at least for a few months) of You Are My Fave. See, the idea came to me when I heard about the You Are Beautiful project. Their mission is to spread that simple powerful message throughout the world. One of the ways they do this is by sending stickers (free of charge!) with You Are Beautiful printed on them for people to share. Doesn’t that just make you feel good? I figured I should do my part to help this effort.

Right off the bat I have to admit I’m not the greatest example of someone who lives this message. I remember when I was about 5 years looking in the mirror and thinking, “Wow, look at me. I am so pretty.” This went on for about 6 more years and then something happened. Middle school happened. And braces happened. And tapered jeans happened. My self confidence sort of jumped off a cliff. Around age 16 things started looking better. The braces came off and my body started catching up with my nose, eyes and mouth. There will definitely still some make-up and fashion missteps but all-in-all things vastly improved. And each year I think they improve a little bit more. Although I know my ugly stage has since past, I still have my moments of putting myself down (pretty much daily) as if I were still that gawky 12 year old. But I’m working on it. I know some of you have the same tendancies, so let’s work on it together.

I’ve asked some bloggers who have inspired me to share with us one thing they love about themselves. This is something we all can do. Say it out loud, write it down, act it out in an interprative dance – whatever you feel like. There’s at least one thing that we like about ourselves so remember it. You are beautiful.

I’m sorry if this is starting to sound quite self help booky, but I know it’s something I struggle with and seeing these women’s responses has left me feeling motivated to work more actively on my goal of being happy with myself. So, after that lengthy introduction, I introduce to you our first participant, Joanna.

Joanna is a magazine writer who also runs two of my most favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo and Smitten. Not only is she super talented, but it turns out she’s super sweet too. When I sent her an invitation to participate in this she responded that day. She just announced her engagement last week and I’m just so happy and excited for her because I feel like I know her. I’m sure some of you feel the same way too. I loved the pictures she sent (sometimes you just gotta twirl) and the answer she gave.

I’m really energetic (some might say hyper!) but I actually love that about myself. I’m always chatting and dancing and goofing around, and I think life is way more fun if you’re a bit of a nut!

Thanks Joanna and congrats!

PS This was my 3rd announcement. If you want to participate in this little project, email me a self portrait and one thing you love about yourself.

PSS Today is the last day to send me your inspiration boards but if you send it to me by Sunday, I’ll still count it.



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