Since I lost my job I pretty much wear the same thing everyday

November 11, 2008

Have you seen those lists that fashionistas put together of essential clothing items every woman should own? It seems like every time I look at them there are some really off-the-wall things that I would never buy on them. I find myself saying, “I didn’t realize that I’m not a complete woman unless I own an alligator skin bag and a diamond necklace.” So I’ve put together a realistic list of essential winter items. Not that my opinion really counts for anything but I had fun coming up with this.

1. Warm coat that can look equally good with jeans or a dress
2. Dark washed boot cut jeans – they look good on everyone (my brand of choice is Gap)
3. A cardigan you can pull on over everything
4. A fun pair of flats that can snazz up a slightly boring outfit
5. 3/4 sleeve, scoop neck tee – flattering on most everyone
6. White, extra long camisole (find perfect ones at Shade)
7. Boots
8. Little black dress (kind of overused but always looks good)
9. Tights in different colors and patterns

Now, doesn’t that feel a little more doable?



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