You Are Beautiful – Courtney

November 14, 2008

Well hello Friday. It’s nice to see you again. Today I’m delighted to shine the spotlight on Courtney from Inside the Loop. Her blog is one of my favorites for it’s mix of fashion, interiors and good finds that are always so fresh. Courtney is also featured in the December issue of Lucky as their lucky girl. Perfect. Here’s her response to the question- What’s one thing you love about yourself?

I am an extremely resilient person. I am a go-getter and love to take risks, however along with risk comes adversity. I have certainly encountered many obstacles and endured my share of failed outcomes along the way, but I always give it another go. Sometimes it can take several tries before I land on both feet, but having the abillity to quickly bounce back gives me more time to enjoy all of the exciting experiences life has to offer.

What a fantastic attitude to have. Maybe you should pass some of that on over to me. Thanks Courtney! 

I also spotted some fun projects in blog land this week that are along the lines of this one – check our Free Encouragement and this Operation Nice assignment. Have a fantastic weekend. 

Remember you can participate in this project too – just email me a self portrait and one thing you love about yourself. It will make you all happy inside.



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