YAMF’s really fantastic Christmas gift idea #1

December 2, 2008

Gift: 3-12 month subscription to something of your choosing
Price: < $30
Geared towards: Anyone and everyone

Quick, think of something you’re good at. If your answer is, “I’m really good at making CD mixes,” then give your friends a year subscription to 12 of your best compilations. I was thinking of so many things this would work for – 12 months of cookies or baked items, 6 months of floral arrangements, a year of handmade cards, 3 months of movie quotes texted to your phone, 12 months of photographs, 4 months (one time for each season) of personal style tips. Then the receiver of the gift will have something to look forward to every month. I know this sounds super cheesy (because you’re thinking of the coupons for hugs and dish duty) but if someone offered to send me a surprise in the mail for a whole year, I would break out in a jig. What are some things you could offer? I could offer a new original dance to a song of your choosing for whole year. Let me know if there are any takers.




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