Advent calendars are my fave

December 3, 2008

I love advent calendars. I love the excitement. I love the count down. I love the special treat everyday. I even love the cheapie ones with gross chocolate that you find in the grocery store. I’m a little behind this year and my advent calendar consists of me eating a handful of mint M&Ms everyday. You work with what you got.

My most favorite advent calendar is in Vienna. A few years ago I was fortunate to be there in December and experience their Christmas market. It’s held in a square in front of their city hall building which is transformed into a large advent calendar. Every morning before the market opens one of the numbers on the window is taken down and a bright light shines through. By Christmas day none of the windows are covered and the entire building lights up. It’s sort of magical. If I ever own a large Georgian style home with lots of windows, this will be my Christmas project.

See a great round-up of advent calendars on Black Eiffel.



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