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December 12, 2008

I have an announcement to make – Karen Kovolski is my new BFF. I mean she meets all the requirements – she loves the Olympics and Tina Fey, she lists the Karate Kid as one of her favorite movies, she thinks I’m cooler then I really am and her blog has become my daily pick-me-up. I think it was meant to be. She thinks her answer is a little long winded but it’s really too good not to be read over and over again.

So when Mel first talked about this, I thought to myself–yeah, right. It’s a fantastic idea, but I’m the last person in the world who should be part of a “You Are Beautiful” campaign. Then I thought, maybe that’s exactly why I should do this.

Like pretty much every girl, I obsess about everything that’s wrong with my appearance. Oh, how I wish I could wear those adorable shift dresses that are all over the J Crew catalog! But I’m what Hollywood calls ‘curvy’–I’ve got hips and, to adopt a phrase from 1998, junk in the trunk, so they get passed over for v-necks and a-lines and other alphabet-inspired pieces. I should work out more often and watch less tv; I should eat more edamame and less Cheddar Goldfish. And, seriously, you guys, last year I tried that lemon juice-cayenne-maple syrup diet that Kelly did on The Office this season! But I rarely–if ever–stop to think about the good things.

So after digging a little deeper, I came up with what I like: my hair. Which is truly frickin hilarious if you’ve met me. See that pic of myself at 5 years old? Yeah, I know the bowl cut does NOT help (not my fault!), but that was probably the last time (until recently) that I liked my color. I’m a redhead, and it pretty much made me feel like a freak for most of my life. Women would stop me in the mall, in Target, at the train station to tell me that I had a beautiful hair color. My haircolor is ALWAYS the first adjective in people’s descriptions. But I have yet to meet a normal guy who prefers redheads. Most of the guys I’ve met who go for redheads are so removed from normal that they wouldn’t know normal if it landed in their Dungeons-and-Dragons game room.

And I’ve done everything humanly possible to change the color: Sun-In / lemon juice; Feria’s bleaching kit; professional salon coloring. Did you know that red hair color is the hardest to get rid of, and the quickest to lose new color? So if you’ve got it, you’re pretty much stuck with it or a huge hair maintenance routine.

But here’s the good part: my hair is seriously perfect for styling. I want straight hair? No problem! Styled-by-Rachel-Zoe waves? Donzo. It’s thick, so it doesn’t really become stringy. It looks good short, long, with bangs, without bangs. It’s seen bowl cuts and scrunchies and giant bows and crimping and teasing, and lived to tell the story. And I must admit, it looks FABULOUS with my Forever 21 feathered headband.

So thanks to Mel for promoting this project, and inspiring a little positive thinking! B/c a negative self-image is soooo 2008, and you guys are way too cool for that.



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