Happy Birthday You Are My Fave

January 30, 2009

It’s true this little blog was born one year ago today. We’re celebrating by eating rainbow chip cupcakes. I can’t really remember how it all started. I do remember that I came up with the idea for the name from a song by The Rentals. When I told Ryan that he said, “No honey, the lyrics are ‘you are my faith.'” I bet him he was wrong. The lyrics were googled. Turns out we were both wrong, they really are “you are my fate.” Bummer.

Leave a comment on this post by midnight Monday and one or two people will be chosen randomly to receive a three month subscription to polaroids taken by me. You know that you want a gnome showing up in your mailbox.

And last but not least, thanks for visiting. Thanks for commenting. You are my fave.

(image taken by Mrs. French)

Reader’s questions are my fave

January 29, 2009

After I posted that I would be offering some free advice, one reader wrote me and asked, “What do you get a single sister or a friend for Valentines Day that will make them feel good without giving the impression you feel sorry for them.?” I think the real key here is avoid any stereotypical gift that a boy would give a girl so it doesn’t look like you’re saying, “Here’s some flowers because I know that you were for sure not going to get any from a guy this year.” Here’s some gift ideas that won’t scream, “You’re single! Pity party!”

Alphabet wall letter – C is for Cute, I don’t need a man to make me feel cute .

A feminine pair of earrings that I guy would never pick out 

A monogrammed tote bag (you could definitely make something like this yourself) 

A cute little purse

Pretty little floral bobby pins

A Napoleon Dynamite poster 
(only because I know this specific person loves Napoleon Dynamite)

A few more options:
– This secret book camera
– Make your own Heck Yes print – use this print for inspiration (again with the Napoleon Dynamite reference)
– Frame a photo you’ve taken

I hope this helps! So single readers, what would you want for Valentine’s day?

Conversation I overheard at the thrift store the other day

Woman #1: “Do you see the movie Like Mike anywhere.”
Woman #2: “Oh man, they have that movie!?”
W1: “Well, yeah, they did. I saw it here the other day but now I don’t see in anywhere.”
W2: “You know a movie as good as that isn’t going to last long.”
W1: “I knew I should of bought it. I can’t believe I didn’t buy it!”
W2: “Yeah, you should of. There’s not way that movie would last more than 1 day on the shelf.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the movie Like Mike, it’s the story of a poor kid (played by ‘Lil Bow Wow’) who finds an old pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes and becomes an amazing basketball player when he puts them on. Classic.

Spotted and Hearted

January 28, 2009

The jolly car (because you know that’s how you would feel riding in it) spotted on 
Inside the Loop

Home is where the heart is spotted on Creature Comforts

Little heart coin purse (I should really learn how to cross stitch or do really anything crafty) spotted on Perfect Bound 

Hooray flag (could be used for a wedding but I would make Ryan wave it around whenever I completed a task) spotted on Once Wed

Sprinkles spotted on Design Crush

The perfect sunlit napping room spotted on Design Sponge

Ruffle blouse completely out of my price range spotted on This is Glamourous 

On an unrelated note, I dropped a gallon of milk in our parking garage and now it smells really rank. I tried to soak it up as much as possible but milk and gravel don’t mix. I think it’s fermenting. Phew, I had to get that off my chest. Don’t tell. 

Tim Gunn + Issac Mizrahi are my fave

Karen sent me this link to a little preview of the Liz Claiborne Spring 2009 collection. Liz Claiborne? What the? I thought it was only a label for 45 year old women who have a summer home in the Hamptons. Turns out Tim and Issac make a darn good team and I’m wanting several of these pieces. I’m such a preppy.

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