A few things I’ve learned about life from TV

January 19, 2009

– being single sucks because all you want to do is get married and have a baby
– being married sucks because your husband is cheating on you
– everyone has at least one gay friend and one black friend
– everyone lives in Manhattan, California, Chicago or Las Vegas – if you don’t then you are inevitably a hick who has a mullet and wears overalls
– all women are thin, the only overweight women are on Biggest Loser so they’ll be thin soon too
– money isn’t really an issue, you have enough so you never have to wear the same outfit twice and live in a kickin loft
– all doctors are sleeping with each other and have complicated behind the scenes relationships
– all forensic scientists look like super models
– raising a child isn’t that difficult, your nanny will do it for you
– everyone hates their family




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