Quite possibly the best party game ever is my fave

January 27, 2009

Is anyone else hating winter already and searching for something fun to do? I have the answer. It’s called throw a casual party and play the best game ever invented by Melanie then laugh your pants off.

The Details:

Invites- keep it casual, just evite friends or call them on the phone

Food – Pop lots of popcorn and offer add-ins and flavorings. Set a stack of cups next to the big bowl so friends can just dig in and stock your cooler full of glass bottled soda (so you look semi-fancy).

Game – Load your i-Pod with all the best dance songs (or if you still have a boom box like me prepare an all mighty dance CD beforehand). Have each guest stand up one by one while you push the shuffle button on what ever technical option suits you. That person then has to come up with a dance to whatever song starts playing and has to keep dancing for at least a minute. This game has been tested and I can guarantee that your stomach will hurt from laughing so hard afterwards. If you want to add a competitive element to it you can incorporate judges. This is what your guests will look like

So the question remains, what are the best dance songs? And what song would you hope that it landed on for your turn? I would hope for Dr Jones by Aqua and cringe if it landed on anything by Smash Mouth.



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