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January 29, 2009

After I posted that I would be offering some free advice, one reader wrote me and asked, “What do you get a single sister or a friend for Valentines Day that will make them feel good without giving the impression you feel sorry for them.?” I think the real key here is avoid any stereotypical gift that a boy would give a girl so it doesn’t look like you’re saying, “Here’s some flowers because I know that you were for sure not going to get any from a guy this year.” Here’s some gift ideas that won’t scream, “You’re single! Pity party!”

Alphabet wall letter – C is for Cute, I don’t need a man to make me feel cute .

A feminine pair of earrings that I guy would never pick out 

A monogrammed tote bag (you could definitely make something like this yourself) 

A cute little purse

Pretty little floral bobby pins

A Napoleon Dynamite poster 
(only because I know this specific person loves Napoleon Dynamite)

A few more options:
– This secret book camera
– Make your own Heck Yes print – use this print for inspiration (again with the Napoleon Dynamite reference)
– Frame a photo you’ve taken

I hope this helps! So single readers, what would you want for Valentine’s day?



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