Spotted and Hearted

February 4, 2009
A lot of goodies again this week. Can you handle it? 

I lied last week, this is my new favorite pic spotted on 
Creature Comforts

More adorable Valentines spotted on Shop Talk 

I can feel the warmth from this photo spotted on Simple Song

The prettiest personal library ever spotted on Inside the Loop

A table that loves you back spotted on Tea For Joy

A polaroid print perfect for my book loving sister spotted on 
Oh Hello Friend 

Hopefully these sandals somehow show up in my closet spotted on 
I Don’t Think Prada is the Answer

Free vintage print cards spotted on Design is Mine

A how-to for a polka dot cake (it’s actually pretty easy) spotted on 
Inch Mark

Post office box storage spotted on Delight by Design

An out-of-my-price-range blouse (yet the style magazines label it as a ‘steal’) spotted on A Room Somewhere

Layered tights (such a good idea) spotted on For Me For You 

She and Him poster spotted on Unruly Things



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