You Are Beautiful – Lynne

February 6, 2009

Remember the what I like about me series? Well, delightful Lynne emailed me this week to see if I was still doing it. The answer is “absolutely yes” because I love hearing more about you.

What I like about myself is that I am interested in lots of things; astronomy, breakdancing, graffiti, birdwatching, interior design and lots more… I’ve taken tons of evening and weekend classes, in things like plumbing, salsa, tightrope walking, ballroom dancing, trampolining, DJ-ing, painting, sailing – and I am always one of the worst in the class. I have never really found my niche, especially in anything sports-related (I crashed a boat into a wall, for example) but I can always pick myself up and move on to the next thing. I have heard it said that I have no direction, but I just think there are so many things out there to discover and explore! I’m currently looking into rollerblading classes, just in case that’s the form of exercise I’m secretly good at…

Isn’t it so awesome that she’s tried trampolining and DJ-ing? It take a lot of guts to try all of these things and keep on trying. Thanks Lynne. I think I’ll go sign up for a hip hop class.

Make sure to check out Lynne’s blog Tea For Joy. It’s a daily read in my household.



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