A new life plan is my fave

February 12, 2009

Does anybody else think he kind of resembles Paul Rudd? 

I’ve been listening and dancing to the The Submarines lately. You know who they are, their song is on all the i-Phone commercials. I just found out that they are a husband and wife team and that just makes me like them even more. It also gives me a new life plan. Ryan has amazing musical talent (as evident by our Christmas video) but I’m kind of lacking. And by lacking I mean when I sing it sounds manish and off key. But this fact is not hindering me from deciding that we are now giving up on law school and forming a band. I’m going to be in charge of keyboard, tamborine and dancing. Ryan will take care of the rest. Success will be had when our song is chosen for the soundtrack of a CW show. And I become the new it girl. And I get on a Gap commerical. Realistic? You betcha.



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