Makeovers are my fave – closet edition

February 23, 2009
So Melanie asked if I would do some guest blogs while she’s gone, and I was seriously sooo excited, you guys. Since it’s named “you are my fave” and all, I thought about some of my faves…Kelly Kapoor, Facebook, french fries, Sixteen Candles. And makeovers! Makeovers are awesome, right? Hello, who doesn’t love watching Clinton and Stacey revamp helpless commonfolk on What Not to Wear? And, I have to admit: I watch the Biggest Loser JUST to see the ‘follow up’ in the last few minutes of each episode. So let’s start with a mini-makeover for our closets!

There are alot of reasons why we girls pray for the return of spring. A serious lack of work holidays; post-holiday diets (and budgets for that matter). But the biggest winter bummer is looking at all those cute summer dresses, wasting away in your closet. Dressing up in the winter is so boring, most of us don’t even bother, we just throw on the uniform of jeans and a tank top/cardigan combo when we go out. Which is totally acceptable, but not particularly fun.

Lately I’ve been liking the idea of pairing a summery dress with tights.

As seen here.

And here.

I think that we, non-actress-models, can totally rock this look. Plus, it doubles your winter wardrobe! Well, not exactly, but it makes ‘girls night out’ a lot more appealing. Just add some Beyonce and some champagne to this look and it’s an instant party.

This summer dress is less than $25 from Forever 21! Love it in beige, easy to layer with a cardigan or shrug.

Can’t you imagine spending a sunny Saturday in this with a pair of sandals? But in the meantime, it works with tights and boots. From Nordstrom.

If anyone else has creative ideas with what to do with winter wardrobes, please share! Be the Stacey and Clinton for our little Interwebs.

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