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February 26, 2009

Do you recall any of your inspiration turning points? When I was in school studying graphic design I was given the assignment to choose one word from the dictionary and create a poster describing that word in images. For some reason I choose “life” as my word to convey. In my research for the perfect images I was totally inspired by the fact that everything around us represents the very essence of life. I suppose that is something I had always known but it wasn’t until that particular assignment I was able to draw such inspiration out the everyday. Even our name as a species is inspiring; we are HUMAN BEINGS or HUMANS BE-ING.

This whole life concept as inspiration is why I really love the Photographic Dictionary website. I am sure you have seen it mentioned on various blogs but I thought it was worth another mention just in case you overlooked it…or perhaps as a little reminder. Here’s a little sampling from the letters, L, I, F, and E that I find inspiring.





Thank you Melanie for letting me share some of my random thought here on your blog and thanks to those who have continued to read even through Melanie’s absence!

Editor’s note: No, thank you Natalia. Next time will you give lessons on how to be cool? I’m thinking those could come in handy.



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