Spotted and Hearted – special Friday edition

February 27, 2009

Since I was kind of m.i.a. from the blog world this week, S & H is a little light this week but worth a long looky look. Because I love it all. That’s why it’s hearted.

My new motto spotted on Dream Every Day (seriously, how many times have you made mixtapes for your significant other?)

Lovely handmade bird mobile spotted on Say Yes to Hoboken

More flowery hair do-dads that I want to buy spotted on Oh Happy Day

Pretty pops of red spotted on Design Sponge

An absolute perfect name for a flower shop spotted on Black Eiffel

A scalloped coat straight from my dreams spotted on Feather
(trust me, this blog is deadly if you are trying to save money)

Also, I better clarify what I meant by blog camp. My brother-in-law knows more about computers than me so he invited to help me out with a few blog things if I helped decorate their house and play with their kids for a week. Sounds like a good deal to me. And it is, it is. Lot’s of exciting things next week which may include: AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY, some before and afters and some babbling about why I’m having nightmares from this week’s episode of Lost.



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