A high school reunion that’s not really a reunion is my fave

March 26, 2009

I’ve been visiting my parents for the last week. Whenever I’m home it seems like all these crazy memories come back to me. I like to cringe at some of my journal entries and flip through old yearbooks. I was looking at one the other day and I swear someone signed mine thinking it was somebody elses. It said something about being the best singing partner, which doesn’t make any sense. I sing like a donkey. Plus I have no recollection of knowing anybody by the name that was signed. Weird. So that’s a little explanation for why I came up with this high school party theme.

Invites: Make up some mock report cards addressed to the invited. Have subjects such as, awesomeness and dance moves. Add a little note from teacher like, “Jimmy is a pleasure to have in class, although I’m a little concerned about the amount of trips he takes to the bathroom.”

Food: Corndogs, tator tots, sheet cake, chicken nuggets and little cartons of milk. Make sure the serve them on lunch trays.

Game time: Get an old sheet and possibly some funny props (a ladder or fake plant will do just fine) and set up a school photo booth. Encourage people to wear something they would have worn in high school. A letterman’s jacket would be rad. Have people tell their most awkward high school stories and crown the winners with a homecoming queen or king crown. Make sure that you have tunes that you listened to in high school playing in the background. MMMbop is a personal fave.

Favors: Send everyone home with a brown paper sack filled with little bags of chips and fruit roll-ups, a mix CD of greatest hits, and a little flip book that guests sign with things like, “Have a great summer!” and “You better call me.”

If someone throws this party, will you please invite me?

(images: report card; lunch tray; portraits; paper bag)



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