Retail therapy through blogging is my fave

April 30, 2009

Ginormous ruffly bag, you are my fave. 

Little red flats, you are my fave. 

The prettiest dress in the whole wide world, you are my fave. 

Flowery metallic goodness, you are my fave. 

Mexicana wallet, you are my fave. 

There, that feels much better.

Spotted and Hearted

April 29, 2009

Last week I consumed about 3/4 of a Costco-sized box of Sixlets. They’re not even real chocolate but they’re just the best. Or like I usually say, they are my fave. And there’s your random thought with this week’s spotted and hearted.

Polaroid perfection spotted on Frolic

The Swedes have good style spotted on Bliss

I mix business with leather* spotted on Oh Joy

A Peter Pan inspired project spotted on Color Me Katie

Another ruffly accessory to adore spotted on Magchunk (go sign up to win it!)

Peanut butter brownie cups that will postpone a diet indefinitely spotted on 
Hostess With the Mostess

A primary colored, family photo shoot in one of my fave places spotted on Design Mom

A new slogan for New Yorkers with a fear of commitment spotted on Prada Answer

You Are My Fave in print! spotted in Sunset Magazine 
(I’m still giddy about this one – thanks for the heads up)

*Only Beck fans will understand this reference 

A girly birthday party is my fave

April 28, 2009
I spent all last week vising three of my sisters and squeezing in as much time as possible with six crazy kids. Part of the fun was helping plan and carry out a very girly, 9 year old birthday party. Here are the stats-

Of course there was a banner and pom poms, all crafted by me. Heck yes.

Then there were three stations: hair, make-up and nails. My sister Alicia whipped out the up-dos like it was her job and my other sister Nicole rocked the nails by adding sparkly decals. Every little girl’s dream.

Then there was a make shift photobooth and all the girls struck a pose.

And of course they had to decorate a frame to bring home their best shot in.

And to top it all off, a purse cake made by Nicole. Success.

Need help with an upcoming birthday party? Pay for my plane ticket and cook for me and I’ll be there. I’m especially fond of pot roast.

Early birthday presents are my fave

April 27, 2009

Reason #34 why having a blog about your favorite things is beneficial: your sister and neice pick out the perfect birthday present without you even hinting as to what you want.

(bike pillow from CB2 – it’s even better in person)

A swimming suit that flatters my boy shaped body is my fave

(see things I don’t have)

The middle of your body that is normally larger than your waist but not in the case of Melanie.

(see above photo)

I realize most of you don’t encounter the problem of how to wear a swimming suit without bosoms, but for the few of you who do, I present the solution.

I’m also fond of this ruffly number but would suspect it would only look good on you long legged folks.

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