Spotted and Hearted

April 15, 2009

Yesterday I was watching The Price is Right for the first time in like 10 years. Apparently I was reacting loudly to what was on the screen because Ryan walks in the room and says, “What? Are you in the audience or something?” I just really wanted the guy to win the Mustang. Happy Spotted and Hearted day.

A drawing meant for this blog (although it would show a brunette with a rocker) spotted on Le Love – Thanks Prianka! 

Ruffly note cards spotted on Poppy Talk Handmade 

Another perfect wedding photo shoot (this man can do no wrong) spotted on Max Wanger

Paper flower wonders spotted on Decor 8 

If I spotted one of these beauties in real life, I would give them all my “I heart your bike tags” spotted on Lovely Little Things 

Just what my puke colored kitchen needs spotted on Carrie Can 

This entire photo series is unbelievable spotted on Milk

DIY chalk canisters (Rachel is so crafty, so clever, so the best) spotted on Heart of Light



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