Happy lists are my fave

April 17, 2009

Let’s just say my week hasn’t been filled with confetti and unicorns. Let’s just say if you lived close I would ask for a hug. Let’s just say at times like these I need to compile a good list and shake it off. Remember my happy list? It’s time for the sequel.

1. The Martha Stewart section at Michaels. I don’t have to buy anything. Just looking at it makes me happy. Especially the decorative tape.

2. All of your comments. Every single one of them. This one from Anne is one of my faves:

Every time I see two seemingly competing business across the street from each other (ie. two pizza shops in opposition, two copy shops, two futon shops, etc) I say to my husband: “I wonder if they ever have dance offs?”

I just think it would be such a nicer way to settle business disputes. A midnight dance off would ensue, and the losing futon shop would have to find another location and everyone would be happier in the end.

Moral: Dance offs are the solution to all the world’s problems.

3. Good TV reception.

4. A blog dedicated to awesome things. This one cracks me up.

5. One of the most amazing women I know telling me I’m a lovely person. And she meant it. And it wasn’t my mom.

6. The new Ben Kweller album. A little more country but catchy.

7. Strawberries are in season and on sale.

8. When my Polaroids turn out even better than I predicted.

9. Ace of Cakes

10. Mini Cooper convertibles – could there be a happier car?

To be continued…

(Lovely polaroid by Esoule)



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