Books are my fave (by Michelle)

May 4, 2009

I’m going about this logically and starting with the oldest. A few reasons why Dr. Michelle is my fave – she introduced me to the wonders of NYC, ABBA, West Wing and NPR; she taught me to Google everything; she can sing and play the organ; and although there’s a thirteen year age gap, we’re still really close. Michelle’s choice of what to post about is no surprise to anyone who knows her.

Books are my fave. Tall books, fat books, picture books, but most of all good books. Books on the beach or on a snowy day. Books in the morning and at night. I love bookstores. I love libraries. I love buying books online. Yes, books really are my fave.

While I am tempted to talk endlessly about books you should read, I will resist. Instead, here are some other delightful ways to use all things bookish to make your life happier.

For books that you aren’t interested in reading again, how about this little project? Even I could do it. Check out a tutorial here.

This display from Anthropologie takes the art of book folding to a whole new level, though. I desperately want a mobile like this in my house. Via Apartment Therapy.

And how about these lovelies from Michael Bom? Check out more of his amazing work here.

If you don’t want to lose books when you lend them out, you can go always go the embosser route, but how about this personalized stamp from sweetpaperie? Or for your children, these beautiful bookplates made from vintage children’s book illustrations from Oiseaux’s Etsy shop.

This happy print is hanging in my 7 year old’s book corner. Thank you Ward-O-Matic for drawing this and grandma for a great Christmas present.

Caitlyn Phillips turns old books into purses. Too bad she doesn’t have any Willa Cather or Edith Wharton selections right now!

The New Yorker is also one of my faves, and I love when a cover is bookish. This vintage cover is perfect for framing.

I haven’t even talked about bookends, bookshelves, book corners, or framing posters of your favorite author. Not to mention book lamps, book marks, bookbinding, and jewelry made from books. The possibilities are endless!



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