Baby girls are my fave (by Gina)

May 6, 2009

Oh Gina, where do I even begin? Gina was a quirky kid with the crazy curls who used to sing Jingle Bells instead of saying hello when she answered the phone. And then she grew up and became the sweetest, and most clever crafter and mother of the entire bunch. Don’t believe me? She has an entire blog devoted to being resourceful and making use of old household items. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her.

I have a 5 month old baby girl and she is oh so cute and fun. Here are my fave picks which may make any reader hope for an invite to a baby shower so you can go shopping (plus they are all reasonably priced)!

Baby legs are little leg warmers for kids. They come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. Fun for every baby outfit, especially little dresses in colder weather.

Baby bracelets – Nothing could be cuter or dantier on a little newborn’s wrist. This little one was found on Etsy.

Bumbo baby chairs let little ones as young as 3 months sit up. They are a must for parents.

Stylish diaper and baby wipes holders – This clutch is cute enough to use as a regular purse. Or if you are a diy type of person like me and handy with a glue gun, find some cute fabric and ribbon. You can easily cover a baby wipes travel container with a little batting and fabric to make it look like a cute clutch bag.

Carter’s baby clothes from CostcoCostco always has a bin of the cutest baby outfits by Carters. This cutie with a ladybug on the bloomers was only $7.00. has a huge selection of baby bedding that is so adorable and within a price range of most parents. Hello Dwell Studio.

And lastly, I have to tell the world (again) that Fels Naptha soap is the best to get out all sorts of baby stains on clothing. It hasn’t failed me yet. At less than $1.50 (look on the top shelf of the detergent aisle at the grocery store) Fels, you truly are my fave.



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