Crockpots are my fave (by Karen)

May 8, 2009

Karen has become the family celebrity in the last few weeks. Not only was she on Good Things Utah, they liked her so much they did a little news segment on her too (and Mr Buster makes an appearance). I’m so glad she didn’t resort to embarrassing herself with an AI tryout for fame.

Dear Crockpot,

I love you so much I want to cook in you every single day for a year. You make my life more simple. You allow me to pay attention to my kids instead of ignoring them while I try to throw some dinner together at 5 pm. You come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors. You are so versatile…I can cook bread, soup, breakfast, dessert, and dinner all in the same appliance. You use less energy than the oven and you only take up a little space on my counter. In the summer you don’t warm up my entire kitchen. You truly are the greatest. I even had a dream about you last night.



I’m kind of curious as to what the plot of the dream was. Need an idea for a Crockpot meal? Karen now has 101 to share with you on her blog. And stay tuned for the conclusion of sister’s week later today!



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