Having cool sisters is my fave

May 8, 2009

before the birth of the final two, but awesome nonetheless 

Three posts in one day!? Crazy beans I know. I just wanted to thank all my sisters for a fabulous week and go over a few things that we learned.

If you’re looking for a suggestion on what book you should read, ask Michelle.
If you want to throw a snazzy party, ask Nicole.
If you want to be resourceful, ask Gina.
If you want a review on any beauty product, ask Jill.
If you need a good recipe for dinner, ask Karen.
If you want to become an advocate for adoption, ask Alicia.
And if you want a little mix of everything, ask Melanie.

Got it?

I’m off to celebrate my birthday weekend. But come Monday, I’ll be back with more goodness.



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