Olympic and sport movie moments that make me teary eyed are my fave

May 8, 2009

For not having any brothers, it’s kind of surprising how big of sports fans my family can be. I’d have to say Alicia is the most devoted fan who just this week nabbed tickets to next years NCAA basketball tournament. She also drove 9 hours once to cheer me on at the state cross-country meet. Now that’s dedication

I am a HUGE Olympic fan and overall sports fan. And when I say fan, I’m talking making shirts that say “I heart the Olympics” on them, being a regular fan at arena football games and having a memorial for Pat Morita when he died. To me the best feeling is when I watch inspirational sports stories that make me so happy that by the end of them I’m in tears.

Take for instance this moment from the Beijing Olympics:

Now watch these Visa commercials and tell me your keyboard isn’t a little soggy:

And that is why I am counting down to Vancouver 2010, only 285 days!

Not only do I love live sporting events, I love those moments immortalized in film:
I can’t even count how many times our family watched Hoosiers and we still scream at the TV and jump up and down at the end. Good times.

On a final note, adoption is also my fave. We are trying to adopt right now and I encourage you to all be adoption advocates as well. Maybe the baby that is placed in our home will be a future Olympian. You can learn more about our efforts on our blog.

Thanks for letting me post, it has been great fun! And remember, “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy sir.”



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