Spotted and hearted

June 24, 2009

Blog world, I really like you. Just look at all these gems you shared with me this week.

I want to wear an outfit like this everyday spotted on Simple Lovely

I really enjoy desserts made to look like other items spotted on And I Like You 

This illustration makes my heart leap spotted on Creature Comforts 

Had a bad day at work? ride the swing home spotted on Made Sweet 

I’m starting a bike collection and this little number will be my first purchase spotted by Karen 

I’m adding one of these pouches to my ideal outfit spotted on Unruly Things 

Let’s pretend I’m the girl in the middle spotted on The Sartorialist 

My next outdoor party will look like this spotted on Wide Open Space 

I told you I have a new found love for origami spotted on Two Brunettes 



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