Garlands, buntings, banners, whatever you call them are my fave

July 20, 2009

I was browsing my archives (did I really post some of that stuff?) and I realized that I talk about garlands in about 50% of the posts. I’m not even kidding. Then I looked at my Flickr faves and on every single page there was at least one photo of a garland. I think it’s love.

I just love a good bunting hanging from the rafters. 

Oh, and one with fun colors and patterns

Circle ones are nice too. 

And I can’t pass one up that requires no sewing

Now this one is just pretty. 

Mini ones are hard to resist. 

And they make for perfect children’s room decor

Don’t forget they’re fun at parties

And good on carpet

They can even be made from cupcake liners

Yep, it’s love. Are you convinced?



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