A bicycle scavenger hunt is my fave

July 21, 2009

I haven’t reached my summertime party quota yet. I need to step up my game. So here’s the plan.
List of materials needed:
1. Bikes
2. Friends that can ride those bikes
3. Bike gang attire and team names
4. One disposible camera for each team
5. Enthusiasm

Plan a spot to meet up with your bikes. Hand each team a list of items they must find and snap a photo of. A pigeon, a rollerblader, a fire hydrant, someone who should be wearing a shirt but isn’t. You get the idea. When the list is complete (or there’s a time limit that’s been reached) return to the starting area and enjoy in some popsicles and lemonade. Run the cameras over to a one hour photo shop and enjoy the funny shots. Reward the winners with these sweet bike bells.

Now I’m going to go hang out at the bike racks near the farmer’s market to recruit some people to join my gang. 

idea adapted from In Style



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