Spotted and hearted

July 29, 2009

Question: Couldn’t they have come up with a better name for Fast and Furious? Taking out the in the title isn’t exactly clever.

I love free things and they don’t get much better than these downloadable wall stencils spotted on Lobo Likes Lonely Pie 

Maybe my favorite table setting of all time spotted on Creature Comforts 

Headbands are all the rage spotted on The Coterie Blog 

Tell me you’ve seen a cuter wedding cake and I’ll say you’re bluffing spotted on Jose Villa 

Why is everything mini better? spotted on Black Eiffel by guest Suann 

Make your own scratch tickets, for real spotted on Say Yes to Hoboken

Whitney made a party skirt spotted on Darling Dexter 

I still want these books spotted on Design Sponge 



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