A craft supply wish list is my fave

August 31, 2009

I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I have the urge to buy loads of craft and packaging supplies. Oh no, wait a second, I know what happened. The blog world happened. The talk of back to school supplies and pretty packaging is killing me and I want in. I’ve decided the best way to get rid of my itch is to compile a list. It was very satisfying. – Side note: Michaels already has their Halloween and Christmas stuff up. Let’s just take a breather people.


1. Martha Stewart punch around the edge thingy
2. Scalloped boxes
3. Bakers twine
4. Glassine envelopes
5. Library cards and pockets – my new thank you cards
6. Satin ribbon
7. Flag banner rubber stamp
8. Patterned masking tape
9. Paper lace

Stripes and flowers are my fave

August 28, 2009

bike rider

laundry room 

sunny bedroom  
Stripes and flowers make a perfect pattern combo. Wouldn’t you say? 

Hooray for the weekend. 

Being an aunt really is my fave

August 27, 2009

I know I promised a stack of polaroids from our little family vacation but I don’t know if stack is really the right definition. I have a few because one entire pack of film gave me the burn effect on every photo. These first two kind of look like they should be in a horror movie and the mother finds them buried under a pile of rubbish and realizes her step daughter isn’t really who she says she is.

But my SX-70 never lets me down.

Mr Buster is all grown up.

This little guy has news anchor hair. 

I know, I know, I’m lucky. They’re all my fave.

Paper Heart is my fave

We saw Paper Heart last night. I had such a goony grin on my face the entire movie. Maybe it was Michael Cera, maybe it was the paper doll animation or maybe it was the girl with the laughing outbursts behind us, I’m not quite sure. You will love it.

PS You can MASH on the movie’s website. Let’s see, job? Maybe the host of a TLC show? That would be a good gig.

Spotted and hearted

August 26, 2009

A polaroid collaboration spotted on Copy Strands 

Wowza spotted on Sweet Home Style 

Hooray! Rachel opened up an Etsy shop spotted on Heart of Light 

Yeah, I kind of need these spotted on Swiss Miss

If I was outfitted in JCrew this fall I might not miss the summer that much spotted on Fiddlesticks 

Oh Joy! does it again spotted on Design Sponge 

My kind of camp out spotted on Seesaw 

Take me to King Kandy spotted on d. sharp

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