A vacation and a random list are my fave

August 7, 2009

I’m going on a little vacation. Somewhere tropical, you ask? Maybe a romantic trip for my three-year wedding anniversary? No, no this vacation consists of visiting the egg farm and living in a house with 16 adults and 13 children. And I can’t wait. I’ll be back in a week with a stack of polaroids.

But before I leave, remember when I used to write random lists like this one? I kind of miss that so today I present you with,

Things overheard after Zooey Deschanel was proposed to by Ben Gibbard:
Yes man!
One question, should we get married at the organic food market or craft fair?
Can we go to the thrift store right now? I need to start looking for my vintage wedding dress.
We are like the Brad and Angelina of indie-hood.
Our kids are going to have the best bangs.
Let’s go write a soft, slightly whiney love ballad about this.
Indie powers unite!

Before you get all mad at me for kind of making fun of the #1 girl crush of all blogland, it was all in fun. I love her too.



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