An unbirthday party is my fave

September 18, 2009

Before the summer completely escaped me, a party had to be thrown. My party planning partner and I stuck with the theme of a traditional birthday party and tacked the un- onto the beginning since it technically wasn’t anybody’s birthday. It had all the usual fixings…

a table just for treats, 
delicious finger foods and summer slush,
a photo backdrop used by two people before it was washed away (it did look pretty though), 
musical chairs (I’m little but I know how to use my forearms), 
pin the tail on the donkey (clearly not my forte),
the skittle game,
the ceremonious blowing out of the candles, 
and goody bags.

I know that one day when I have kids there will be at least one over the top party thrown by me that the kid doesn’t truly appreciate and Ryan will roll his eyes at, but I need to remember how fun the classics are. Musical chairs is back on my favorite games list.

– I forgot to mention that the cake was made from rice krispie treats so it was easy to form.
– The Skittle game is simple – pass dice around, when you get doubles you approach the bowl of Skittles with your straw and bowl and start sucking as many as you can into your bowl before the next person in the circle rolls doubles. The person with the most Skittles in their bowl at the end is declared the winner.

Chello weekend.



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