Childhood was my fave

October 31, 2009
sleep from pola_life

I’ve kind of been offline for the last couple of days since I’ve been spending time creating baby shower invites that have sucked the life out of me and they’re not even that great. Bummed. Anyway, I just saw that yesterday my little guest post popped up over The Lil Bee, one of my very most faves. Head on over and tell Melisa congrats on the arrival of the cutest lil bee ever.

Actually getting Ryan to dress up is my fave

October 30, 2009

Last weekend our friends Jon and Natalia threw a Halloween party complete with a homemade donut bar with loads of toppings. Isn’t that a great idea? We had to dress up for the occasion so I convinced Ryan to be Tim Gunn. The only logical costume for me was Heidi Klum but there’s no easy way to pull her off without some surgical procedure. All Ryan had to do was say designers and everybody chuckled then I enter the room with a pregnant belly and bleach blonde wig and people assume I’m a lady of the night. I tried.

Happy Halloween!

Snow days are my fave but only because Ryan doesn’t have school

October 29, 2009

Happy holidays! What’s that you say? It’s not December yet? I guess Colorado didn’t get the memo. We are up to our ears in snow and I’m kind of grumpy about it. Fall never gets a chance around here. Winter always has to come in and interrupt. Right now these three things would really cheer me up.

1. Hot chocolate on a stick – also known as stick of joy
2. A mini pie – preferably raspberry silk but I’ll take apple, and it needs a little wooden utensil on the top
3. A toasty blanket – hurry and pass one over, Oprah’s about to start
beautiful photo by Tracy

Ginko Papers is my fave

Picture 2


Japanese paper goods are kind of the best. Ginko Papers has become my fave shop for happy tape and adorable Shinzi Katoh prints. The happy happy calendar needs to find a home on my desk. I mean a pop-up calendar, how much cooler can you get?

Spotted and hearted

October 28, 2009

I’m thinking I need a name for spotted and hearted. I don’t mind the name but it’s missing my signature phrase (blank) is my fave . I’m taking suggestions and there might be a surprise involved. So ready, go!

This might be my favorite dress ever, and this time I really mean it spotted on Creature Comforts
It reminds me of this loveliness spotted on The Sartorialist
This year I’m going to do some less traditional holiday decorating spotted on Decor 8
Abby’s photos get me every time spotted on Abby Try Again
You had me at crumble top spotted on Lovely Little Things
Saving these fourth year anniversary gift ideas for next year spotted on Design Sponge
Milk shots spotted on Lake Jane
Books over my head spotted on Wide Open Spaces
The absolute best Halloween costume spotted on Twig and Thistle
My crumpled up tights are loving this organizing solution spotted on Pink Cupcake Vintage
Sleeping nook of the week spotted on Basically Anything That is Awesome

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