Finding joy each day is my fave

October 12, 2009

photo from Cory Kennedy

Lately I’ve been really trying to focus on finding joy each day. This law school semester seems to be kicking our butts more so than before. Ryan doesn’t get home until 8:00 every night and I go to bed early so I’m not a crab fest at work. So pretty much we see each other two to three hours out of the day. Sometimes when he gets home I’m hurrying to finish up dinner or something on the computer and I don’t take as much time to focus on just being together as I should. So right before we settle for dinner we embrace each other and say a blessing on the food. It probably lasts less than one minute but it makes me feel calm, collected and loved. This little tradition just happened naturally and has now become my favorite part of the day.

So now I want to hear your tips on how you enjoy each day and what moment you always look forward to. Please do share.

Inspired by the article The Most Meaningful Moment of My Day in November’s issue of Real Simple.



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