A Tim Gunn fan club is my fave

October 19, 2009
I would like to take a minute to declare my love for Tim Gunn. Tim, I love you. You are by far the best part of Project Runway. Sometimes when you make your way through the work room I want to give you a big hug or a high five and then go out to lunch with you afterwards. You would surely have something to say about my lack of fashion, but I would just brush it off and give you a little buddy slap on the forearm and say, “Oh, Tim!” You’re the only person I would ever consider getting a bobble head of. Remember when you said, “I’m thinking this looks like Guenivere meets Vampira.” I think I might of lizzed a little. (that was a 30 Rock reference)

Does anybody share these feelings with me? I’m considering starting a fan club. We would wear shirts with “Make it Work” on them and write fan letters. I would send a weekly email with the best Tim quotes. We could celebrate his birthday. You know crazy fan stuff. I really just love him.

PS Did you see he has a monthly advice column now?
PPS Did anybody else shed a tear or two over Epperson leaving?



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