The happiest place on earth is my fave

October 26, 2009

Did you watch the Oprah episode last week about the happiest people on earth? Over the weekend a few friends and I started talking about it and we all had the same impression. We want to move to Denmark!


Why I’m convinced I want to be Danish:

– 1/3 of the population mainly bikes for transportation
– women get six months to a year maternity leave
– homelessness, poverty and unemployment are rare
– they eat fresh food from the market daily
– they have cute trams for their babies and let them nap outside
– university is free
– marriage is focused on the relationship, not the big wedding
– everyone heads home at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, family is the focus
– their homes are mostly clean and simple, they don’t feel like they need a lot of stuff

Of course when the husbands heard our discussion they started listing off the negative things about socialism. So I’m thinking a good topic for another show would be, “my wife watched Oprah and now she wants to be a socialist.” It might be my one chance to get on the show since I’ve never going to become a family psychologist with a mustache.

Watch a Danish home tour here.

all images from Copenhagen Cycle Chic



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