Fishing for compliments is my fave

November 2, 2009

You know when you start working on a project and you have great thoughts of how it’s going to turn out but then half way through you realize it’s not going to work out as great as you planned but you’ve already put in so much time you just press forward hoping that somehow it will just work out? I saw these wedding menu wheels a little while back and decided to make invitations with the same idea. I don’t know why I ever thought I could pull something off that was featured on Design Sponge.

This is how theirs turned out:
Beautiful, awe-inspiring, sending gasps throughout blog land.

And this is how mine turned out:
Skiwumpus and homemade-ish in a bad way.

If you’re thinking of trying to attempt these, email me and I’ll give you advice on how to make them better. But my first word of advice is to just turn to your designer friends and have them make something better for you.

So why am I wasting your valuable time by posting something that’s so not awesome? Because I’m finding myself totally bummed out about them and caring way more than I should. So I need some pick-me-ups from you, my always awesome readers. Here are a few examples of comments you could leave for me that would definitely make me feel better:
“It’s okay, everyone will forget about them once they see how stunningly beautiful you are.”
“You’re the best around, nothing’s ever going to keep you down.”
“If you were in a awesome person contest, you would win first prize.”

I have a feeling this is going to work.

And for those who stuck with me through that all that rambling, here’s a prize – a double sleeping nook. Hoorah.




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