A Project Runway finale party is my fave

November 13, 2009

Each season the Project Runway finale is bittersweet for me. Sweet because I love seeing the final collections. Bitter because then I have to wait like six months before I see Tim Gunn on a weekly basis again. I am looking forward to what Irina has up her sleeve next week and kind of hoping she gets beat just to humble her up a bit. Here’s some ideas of how to celebrate.

spool advent calendar via Natalia

For invites you could write info on a slip of paper then wrap it around a spool like these ones Cathe made for an advent calendar.

For food I’m thinking some traditional German fare in honor of Heidi’s heritage. You know, sausage, soft pretzels and strudel.

photo from Lifetime
For decor you could do a simple scatter of sewing goods. You could also try recreating your own Macy’s accessories wall by blowing up a photo of the Macy’s logo and hanging necklaces, purses and photos of shoes underneath it.

paper doll
During commercial breaks, you could make guests design clothing for paper dolls and then have judges decide the official winner. I would make an excellent Nina Garcia. I just need some stilettos and a look of disgust. (thanks to Katie for the idea)

Picture 1
photo from Lifetime
And you could print off designs from the season and have people match them with who created the look. You could also print off photos of some of the more obscure designers from previous seasons and see who can remember the most names. Also, it would be fun to glue a photo of Tim onto a human cardboard cutout and have people take pictures with it.

If we had cable I would totally invite you all to this party. If you want to, you can join us on the Saturday after the finale and crowd around our computer. But you must bring some dipping sauce.



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