Celebrating a bun in the oven is my fave

November 16, 2009
On Saturday, Katie and I hosted a baby shower for a beautiful and hilarious friend of ours, Kim. This was the shower that the infamous invites were created for and like you predicted, their handmadeness was appreciated. I incorporated my favorite party elements:
buntings (in making these I realized hot glue is my best friend)
good food (three words: cranberry cheddar cheeseball) and a ribbon chandelier (how-to here)
a table of desserts (those coconut cream cheese cupcakes are b-a-n-a-n-a-s)
mason jars and stripey straws
round balloons that are the size of a small country
twinkle lights
a sweet little list for the babe (I hoped that he would grow a thick mustache)
originally found from Paige
and caramel apple favors (if anybody has advice on how to get the caramel to stick, please share, ours were a little skimpy)
Afterwards I collapsed on the couch, watched Project Runway and slept for the rest of the weekend. Parties can be draining but they’re so worth it. Who’s next?

PS I shared my list of five over at Melisa’s blog last week.



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