Carol Hannah is still my fave

November 23, 2009

I’m sorry if you don’t watch Project Runway. Not sorry that this post will bore you, just sorry that you’re missing out on Tim’s wittiness and Heidi’s mispronunciation of words.

So, was anybody else confused at the outcome? I went into it knowing that Irina was bound to win but after I saw the collections and heard the judges comments, I thought one of the other two would be crowned. This is what I was hearing:

“Hi everyone. I was a little t.o.ed back stage but now things are just dandy. All except Heidi’s choice in outfit.”
Michael Kors: “Why all the black Irina? And the armor concept has so been done. Not much originality girl. Snarky, snarky, snarky.”
“Oh so pretty Carol Hannah. That first gown was just gorge.”
“Love the sports wear Althea. Heidi would wear most of it straight out of the tent.”
Nina Garcia: “Ditto.” (except with a slight snarl)
Guest judge whose name I can’t remember: “I tried the Garnier hair tutorial and it just went horribly wrong.”
“Irina, you are the winner of Project Runway.”

What the what? Did I miss something? Did they just edit it to steer us into believing Irina was going to get booted? I mean, her collection was well done but she was so not Miss Congeniality. I just wish Carol Hannah won. At least now she can focus on marrying Logan and opening a shop together with pretty gowns and slouchy hats.



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