Celebrating a bun in the oven is my fave

November 16, 2009
On Saturday, Katie and I hosted a baby shower for a beautiful and hilarious friend of ours, Kim. This was the shower that the infamous invites were created for and like you predicted, their handmadeness was appreciated. I incorporated my favorite party elements:
buntings (in making these I realized hot glue is my best friend)
good food (three words: cranberry cheddar cheeseball) and a ribbon chandelier (how-to here)
a table of desserts (those coconut cream cheese cupcakes are b-a-n-a-n-a-s)
mason jars and stripey straws
round balloons that are the size of a small country
twinkle lights
a sweet little list for the babe (I hoped that he would grow a thick mustache)
originally found from Paige
and caramel apple favors (if anybody has advice on how to get the caramel to stick, please share, ours were a little skimpy)
Afterwards I collapsed on the couch, watched Project Runway and slept for the rest of the weekend. Parties can be draining but they’re so worth it. Who’s next?

PS I shared my list of five over at Melisa’s blog last week.

A Project Runway finale party is my fave

November 13, 2009

Each season the Project Runway finale is bittersweet for me. Sweet because I love seeing the final collections. Bitter because then I have to wait like six months before I see Tim Gunn on a weekly basis again. I am looking forward to what Irina has up her sleeve next week and kind of hoping she gets beat just to humble her up a bit. Here’s some ideas of how to celebrate.

spool advent calendar via Natalia

For invites you could write info on a slip of paper then wrap it around a spool like these ones Cathe made for an advent calendar.

For food I’m thinking some traditional German fare in honor of Heidi’s heritage. You know, sausage, soft pretzels and strudel.

photo from Lifetime
For decor you could do a simple scatter of sewing goods. You could also try recreating your own Macy’s accessories wall by blowing up a photo of the Macy’s logo and hanging necklaces, purses and photos of shoes underneath it.

paper doll
During commercial breaks, you could make guests design clothing for paper dolls and then have judges decide the official winner. I would make an excellent Nina Garcia. I just need some stilettos and a look of disgust. (thanks to Katie for the idea)

Picture 1
photo from Lifetime
And you could print off designs from the season and have people match them with who created the look. You could also print off photos of some of the more obscure designers from previous seasons and see who can remember the most names. Also, it would be fun to glue a photo of Tim onto a human cardboard cutout and have people take pictures with it.

If we had cable I would totally invite you all to this party. If you want to, you can join us on the Saturday after the finale and crowd around our computer. But you must bring some dipping sauce.

Compliments are my fave

November 12, 2009
photo from Elsie via Oh me, oh my

The other day I was teaching a kindergarten class and one girl was waving her hand frantically. When I called on her she simply said, “You look really pretty today.” And then another little girl chimed in, “You’re smile is really beautiful.” They were so excited to offer a compliment, they could hardly sit still. When I told Ryan this story he said, “At what age do we just stop giving compliments so freely and enthusiastically?” I hope never. My new goal is to give sincere compliments whenever I think something good about another person. Because you really do look pretty today.

Spotted and hearted

November 11, 2009

Question: I’m looking for some help to pretty this site up. Know anyone with skills?

Now, time for some spotting and a little hearting!

Chain stitching and my fave shade of yellow, yeah I need this flower clip spotted on Paper n Stitch
Picture 1
This calendar reminds me of an advent calendar which reminds me of little chocolates so I love it spotted on Swiss Miss
Wintery wardrobe inspiration spotted on Beautiful Paper
Happy birthday Snuffleupagus spotted on Sweet Designs
Another genius photo booth spotted on Ruffled
Fabric calendar of seasons spotted on Oh So Beautiful Paper
I want a little bike ride partner spotted on A Cup of Jo
nesting dolls card 6
Nesting doll card (free template!) spotted on One Pretty Thing
A book hideaway spotted on Rose Red
Learn something new today in illustration form spotted on Swiss Miss
Proof that a lighting fixture can make the whole room spotted on Decor 8
And no, I didn’t forget about this week’s sleeping nooks spotted on Flickr

More fabric streamers are my fave

November 10, 2009

Our Labor of Love creates some pretty impressive photo booth backdrops but I’m especially fond of the fabric streamers. Question is, where do you get loads of fabric on the cheap? Maybe I could get a job at Joanns for the discount. I would be the worst fabric cutter ever but I’ve heard quilters make good friends. Actually I totally made that up. I think I was thinking of Virginia is for lovers and that still makes no sense. One too many mini candy bars for me today.

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