Christmas themed spotted and hearted and a little break

December 23, 2009

This one is lengthy but bloggers really pull out all their guns in December.

This reminds me of Sleeping Beauty spotted on Apartment 34
Reindeer and lace available for free download spotted on One Pretty Thing
Lots of sprinkles spotted on Bakerella
Snow will be hanging from my ceiling next year spotted on Poppy Talk
Elsie got the best Christmas present ever spotted on A Beautiful Mess
The details of these invitations are delightful spotted on Oh So Beautiful Paper
A dazzling winter affair spotted on Style Me Pretty
Making these instead of sending my pile of mags to the recycling bin spotted on Creature Comforts
I told you you don’t need a tree spotted on Emmas designblogg
Simple cranberries spotted on Maya Made
Felt shingles spotted on Flickr
Christmas chandelier spotted on Desire to Inspire

Friends, let’s just say that 2009 wasn’t so much my year but you’ve kept me optimistic and have given me a place to come and share happy things. So thanks for joining me. I have high hopes for 2010 and I hope to see you then.

Happiest of holidays to you and your loved ones!


Christmas cards are my fave

December 22, 2009

I didn’t think I would ever send out Christmas cards until we had kids but then I realized we’re the hippest, most attractive couple our family and friends know so a card from us is like the highlight of the year.* This was one of those projects that actually turned out pretty much how I wanted it to. A little cheesiness, a little cutting, a little folding, a little hot chocolate in the pouch and you got yourself a card. Thanks to our friend Katie for taking the photos when Ryan was less than enthused and had finals coma.
*Completely kidding. Please don’t unsubscribe because of my false conceitedness.

The magic of the season is my fave

December 21, 2009

Elisabeth captures this season so beautifully, it almost makes me believe I like it. Winter that is, not Christmas. Christmas is my fave of course.

More New Years Eve festivities are my fave


Question – do people in other countries ever throw an American party? Here in America we’re all about the Mexican theme, the German/Oktoberfest theme, the Irish St Patrick’s Day. What would you do for an American theme? Eat McDonalds and watch baseball? Now getting back to the point, this Mexican inspired holiday party is kind of perfect. Paper banners, sparkly pinatas and churros – happy new year indeed.

A New Years Eve party idea is my fave

December 18, 2009
photo from Scarborough Fair’s photostream via Audrey Hepburn Complex

This year my sisters and I have resolved to make our New Years Eve fun since it’s been a complete disappointment in the past. I’m thinking that a display of balloons filled with confetti and prizes that are popped at midnight will be essential.

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