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December 7, 2009
It all started because I found this ugly desk sitting next to the trash. Faux marble top? No thank you. But I saw potential.
Then I got really tired of being afraid to go into this corner of our apartment because of the lack of organization. And yes, I’m totally embarrassed to post this photo and I did not stage it to look worse.
And the pile of law school books wasn’t what you would call aesthetically pleasing.
So I decided it was time for some before and after action. I woke up with a game plan on Saturday and this is what happened:
Hidden piles!
Stir the pot dancing while chanting, “I love this corner. I am so awesome. Look how cute I made it!”

The rest of the weekend was spent sitting and admiring it.

Just in case you were curious, the map I bought on ebay and the curtain was actually a shower curtain from Target, cut and velcroed to fit. I’ve actually never been to Australia (but I’m a fan of Curtis Stone and beaches), I just liked the bright colors of the map and I was able to get it on my first bid. Feeling good.



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